Safety Training

Fire safety training is a legal requirement for all employers. We have designed our training program to suit a variety of businesses, ranging from;
Nursing homes
Industrial premises
Special needs schools
We have a training program to suit you!
Some key features of our training program are;
We bring the training to you
Maximum of 15 people per session
Costs range from €295 to €500 in total per session
Types of fire safety training provided:
General fire safety training – duration 2 & ½ hours
Fire warden / marshal training – duration 2 & ½ hours
Certification provided
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“Statistics show that over 80% of fires are extinguished by ordinary people -highlighting the essential need for fire safety training!”
Our training covers all of the different types of fire extinguishers on your premises and is suitable for both general staff and those responsible for fire safety. All of your staff will be actively involved and will get the opportunity to extinguish a real fire under our supervision.
Arkon Fire & Safety will provide you with training certification for your records. You will need to produce this for the fire officer in the event of an inspection and it may also be required by your insurance company if there is an incident. Training is now part of the legal requirements under the “Safety, health and welfare at work act 2005″

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